Monday, May 4, 2015

how to reduce oily skin 2015

how to reduce oily skin 2015
Are you feeling bored and tired from waking up every day and finding graces on your face ? are you really suffering from this dilemma and you want to reduce oily skin ?

how to reduce oily skin

You don't have to be worried anymore because today in this article i will show easy tips to prevent your selves from this problem.
More than that i will also show you how to make your selves up in order to reduce oily skin so as to be perfect.

Now time is up to tell you solutions, first of all you should know that the best thing to do is not
looking for expensive beauty products as a solution because it might heart your skin so it's better to try natural remedies it's more beneficial for skin and environment as well .

 also known as white oats, you can use it as an ingredient on face to absorb excess oil and exfoliate the skin, all what you have to do is to combine a half cup of oatmeal with an egg with a touch of lemon juice or honey, then spread the mixture in a thin layer on your skin for a 20 min then you can rinse it off , this tip can be made once a day just before going to bed.

 you can add buttermilk to your skin because buttermilk contains components that help to remove dirt and oil from your skin , you can mix buttermilk to mashed strawberries too.

Choose you diets:
one simple thing to do is to adjust your diet accordingly by avoiding foods that are greasy and that cause a lot of problems to the skin, one other thing is to eat fresh fruits and vegetable like strawberries and  cucumbers.

For make up to reduce oily skin problems you should not use cosmetic products at once and you have to choose a weight light formula that is not greasy and does not cause blackheads and spots.

Now i think it's done all what you have to do is to use the tips you have read and i hope that this article on how to reduce oily skin was beneficial for you.
how to reduce oily skin 2015


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