Friday, October 18, 2013

Powder Foundation For Oily skin 2015

best makeup for oily skin
One of the best secrets for a best makeup for oily skin  2015 and a great looking makeup is finding a base that stays put. However  if you have oily skin Powder foundation is the best choice for you, here are why :

First Reason : Powder foundation dont clog your pores, one of the most causes of acne is clogged pores, that's why you  should use powder foundation, avoid cream foudation because they clog your pores,  and worsening your acne problem.
Second Reason : Easy to apply and gentle on your skin, you should be gentle with your skin in whatever you do because oily skin is more sensitive, that gives you another reason to use powder foundation and get away of cream and liquid foundation.

The third reason : Powder foundation helps you to absorb the excess oil so your acne condition is not worsened. that no other foundation out there can do for you.

Always remember to use powder foundation and you will be able to apply the best makeup possible for your oily skin


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