Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Best Primer For Oily Skin 2015

In my opinion, primer is an optional step in everyday makeup application, but a best primer for oily skin  2015  allow the foundation and makeup you placed on top to look smoother and more polished. Other advantage to using skin primers is they help to prolong the life of your makeup.

There are different types of primers available on the market :

1- Skin primer : can be divided in two main categories: Mattifiers - many of these products are silicone based and can fill in flaws and imperfections such as large pores, belmishes, and skin discolorations making them appear less noticeable; and Highlighters - these primers can help to reduce fine lines and give your skin a subtle glow.

2. Eye primer: is manly used for more vibrant and lasting color, it prevents eye shadow from creasing & fading, fills tiny lines around the eyes.

3. Lip Primer: makes your lipstick go on very smoothly and last longer and prevents your lipstick or gloss from bleeding and feathering. but the main feature is that it makes your lips soft and smooth.

best primer for oily skin


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  2. I like to use powder primer for my face because the ones with silicone always give me breakouts. My fave is the Mattify Cosmetics Ultra Powder. I use it before and after my Clarins liquid makeup. It makes a huge difference in how long the makeup lasts. On days when I forget to use the Ultra powder first, my makeup gets all sticky in less than an hour. For my eyes I use a white eye shadow crayon from NYX. It helps the eye makeup stay on all day, and it makes the color look brighter than if I were to just use the shadow on my bare lids.

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