Friday, September 27, 2013

How To Choose Best Makeup For Oily Skin 2015

Today we will discussion about how to choose best makeup for oily skin , there's many companies today making an effort to produce special makeup directly designed for oily skin, oily skin is a problem for a large percentage of women. your skin produce natural oil called sebum are overactive and producing more than your skin needs. If you want to cover the shine on your oily face, it's necessary to use the best makeup for oily skin which does not contain any other oils, and you should choose products out oil-free bases thats offer lasting coverage but aren't too heavy, Mineral powder foundation is the best option in this case as it soaks up excess oil.

best makeup for oily skin

Better to use moisturizing cream before applying makeup, to make your skin hydrated throughout the day. i highly recommended water based make up, these will allow your skin breath not clog into your pores.

You don't need only the best quality products, but also the best makeup for oily skin should be properly apllied.

Here are some techniques for professional results:

1- The fisrt thing for best makeup use powder or foundation.
2- Then apply the dark shade shadows on rolling lid and at the bottom just at the base of cilia.
3- Also a lighter shade shadows under eyebrows give a great look .
4- Apply a layer of mascara.
5- separate matted eyelashes using a comb .

The market is full of best makeup for oily skin, but do not forget that oily skin is very sensitive and needs regular care.


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