Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Best Tips To Makeup For Oily Skin 2015

Wearing makeup when you have oily skin can be troubling at times, the problem is that it rarely stays on greasy skin during the day. However,  you can get great results and completely hide wrinkles, acne, age spots by using the best makeup for oily skin, and applying the correct techniques :

#1 Cleanse and moisturize your skin : 

Before applying makeup is extremely important to clean your skin using an exfoliating cleaning product, that will remove dead cells , clean pores,  and minimize any additional signs of unnecessary aging, in order to facilitate makeup application and look right. By cleaning your face before applying foundation, you will remove excess oil and have more positive results in how your makeup looks, another thing can cause your skin to becom oilier is touching your face with your hands, when cleaning use a cotton pad instead and avoid to touche your face.

best makeup for oily skin

#2 The Right Foundation : 

Use an oil free foundation, you should avoid those brands that contain chemicals to look natural, firstly apply some powder under your foundation to get extra oil absorption and to match the foundation.

 #3 Matte Blush :

Cream blush will increase the oil in your face because they have an oil base , so don't use them . use the blush powder i recommend MAKE UP FOR EVER Powder Blush .

best makeup for oily skin

#4 Eye Liner And Eye Shadow :

Apply a pat of kaolin powder clay to your eye lids to absorbs the extra oil and also it will work as a base for eye shadow and eye liner. 

Tips : 

Always remember to remove your make up before retiring each night, take care of your oily skin in a gentle way using natural ingredients. and enjoy the benefits of wearing the best makeup for oily skin.


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